Sustainability and Compassion

Peace, Sustainability and Compassion

SEMINAR: 13 OCTOBER 2018 @XUB:10.30 AM – 4.00 PM



Presented jointly by Sejahtera Leadership Initiative (SLI, USIM, Malaysia) and Xavier Centre of Humanities and Compassion Studies (XCHCS) in collaboration with Xavier School of Sustainability (XSOS), Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB, India). The seminar will focus on Peace, Sustainability and Compassion. These are essential to the humanistic wellbeing of any individual – his/her personal, social and spiritual life. These are also essential to the well-being of society.

Specifically, the sessions will trace the history of Sustainable Development (SD) since its introduction in 1987. The idea of SD has captured much attention and imagination in redefining “development” to be “sustainable”. But there are still many discernible gaps to be addressed. This becomes even more apparent when we try to decolonise the term.  SD when viewed from various local traditions with its own body of indigenous knowledge (as well as experience that has long co-existed with many indigenous communities) seem to be problematic. Much of the indigenous views have been left out in the 1987 SD version. Today it necessitates the “revision” of SD with the ‘voice from the past’. In the presentation, a case for Sejahtera‎ (a notion local to the Malay world in Southeast Asia) and Sejahtera Leadership would be elaborated to illustrate the point.


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