Unfold Nest


Created by the Students of the Centre

As a student, it is good to start by knowing yourself better.
Here is a self-discovery journey you can undertake.

Be a Seeker

  • Unfold Nest is a special trans-media adventure. It offers multiple pathways to mindfully re-discover your self, society, and the planet you live on.
  • Unfold Nest provides an inner voice that challenges your normal, taken-for-granted worlds and comfort zones.
  • Unfold Nest in the hands of sincere seekers is a precious tool. It helps us  to enquire, reflect, illuminate, contemplate, nurture and grow into better versions of ourselves. And, to be actively mindful and caring human beings.
  • Unfold Nest nourishes compassion, alerts attention, and sustains empathy in our daily meaningful behaviour towards people, other beings and the planet. It provides the key to unfold critical awareness and interconnectedness.
  • Unfold Nest helps you to see the new you.

(Important Note:  This journey needs time and patience. Please allot at least an hour or more. Or, do it over 2 or 3 sittings.)


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