Specific Initiatives, 2018-2019

Initiatives XCHCS
  • Gandhi and Compassion Project (Events and Books) (Book Project 2019).
  • International Certificate Program in Compassion and Social Communication (Fellowship Program)
  • Cultivating Critical Compassion (Sessions/Lectures)
  • Xavier Public Intellectuals Doctoral Fellowship Programme (for young scholars from disadvantaged communities).
  • Matters of the Heart: Recognising Those Who have Compassionately Responded in Difficult Time.
  • Partnerships and Co-creator Platforms (with universities, bonafide organisations and foundations).
  • Reprint Series on Studies on Compassion (Reprint title page)
  • Xavier Digital Humanities / Online Courses / Xavier MOOC Platform for the Humanities.
  • Xavier ‘University Without Borders’ (Open Courseware).
  • Outreach programmes.


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