XCHCS Development Gateways and
Pathways, 2018 – 2021

Gateways XCHCS
(a) Lecture series on critical aspects of compassion: Cultivating Critical Compassion
(b) National and international academic and non-academic public events (conference and unconference modes, structured and open learning technologies) on compassion and compassionate action in contemporary society
(c) Cultural festivals, which celebrate and promote non-violence and compassion
(d) Short-term summer and winter school programmes on compassion and related areas, including modules based on social exposure and immersion through field-visits
(e) Open and structured, criteria-driven recognition award of individuals and organisations (national and local) for sustained acts of compassion and kindness
(f) Compassion-based outreach initiatives/projects developed and/or managed by XCHCS in partnership with bonafide civil society agencies.
(a) Inter-school co-creation or partnership platforms to articulate issues of compassion in various disciplines (e.g., Communication, Urban Governance, Sustainability, etc.) within XUB
(b) National, regional and global partnerships, collaborations and co-creator platforms to fast-track knowledge production, to develop short and long-term courses, and to sponsor mutually beneficial creative public engagements
(c) Membership and/or participation in bonafide national and global onsite and online networks (including inter-faith formations) which promote peace, non-violence, and sustainable practices.
(a) Interactive website with regularly-updated free or nominal-cost downloadable resources and programmes on humanities, compassion and related areas
(b) Onsite programmes leading to certificate, diploma and degree programmes (Certificate in Humanities, Bachelor of Humanities, and Master of Humanities)
(c) Digital humanities initiatives (Xavier Digital Humanities) leading to online certificate, diploma and degree programmes, public events and knowledge production
(d) Active presence in social media: Facebook, Blogs, YouTube/Vimeo Channels, Podcast, etc., and active and sustained curation and/or creation of social media content
(e) Relevant online, print and multimedia resources on compassion, covering theory, practical initiatives, case studies/stories, conference proceedings and specific thematic volumes
(f) Participation in online social movements or networks on compassion or kindness
(g) Special online learning opportunities in short- and long-term courses for the young in vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, including refugees and migrants.
(a) Transdisciplinary research projects on compassion leading to a doctoral degree (Ph.D. in Humanities)
(b) Relevant and specific research projects for documentation (e.g., case studies/stories on compassion or related or relevant areas) and knowledge creation
(c) Special research tracks on Gandhi and other leaders who have contributed to the global discourse on compassion.
(a) Rich library collection, with comprehensive print, multimedia and online resources on humanities, compassion and related areas
(b) Online, print and multimedia productions on compassion, drawing from theory, practical initiatives, case studies, conference proceedings and thematic publications
(c) Research projects for documentation and knowledge production
(d) Production of multimedia content for social media (free or nominal cost).
(a) “Professors-at-Large” programme to associate distinguished public intellectuals, academics, activists, authors, etc., with XCHCS
(b) Young public intellectual doctoral fellowship programme for youths of disadvantaged communities
(c) “Alternative Livelihoods Promoting Peace and Harmony” programme
(d) Alternative funding initiatives: donation, crowd sourcing, philanthropic funding, community support, social enterprise, ‘angel investors in human futures’, etc., through the Xavier Humanities Foundation.


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