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The Centre will periodically publish books, reprints, research reports/ monographs, collections of conference papers, compilations, etc. The effort is to make a significant contribution to the growing scholarship on new humanities and compassion. We hope that all these publications will become reading resources for students and teachers interested in understanding the “new humanities” and in exploring the theory and practice of compassion.

The publications will explore a wide area on concerns: What is compassion? What is the relationship between Gandhi and compassion? What role did the religious teachers play in promoting compassion? What is the relationship of compassion with persons like Martin Luther King, Pope Francis, Daisaku Ikeda, Nelson Mandela, Hans Kung, or the Dalai Lama?  Can compassion be taught? What are the religious, spiritual, secular and biological basis of compassion? How do contemplative traditions promote the practice of compassion? Is public compassion political? What is the relationship between art and public compassion? What is public compassion? What are the differences between compassion and empathy? What social factors/structures contribute to a violent world and to ‘compassion fatigue’? What is the relation between global media and public compassion? Can public compassion be globalised? How do we imagine and contribute to building a compassionate future? Is compassion anthropocentric? What new methodology do we need to explore the reality of public compassion? What is the relationship between compassion and the Common good? How do we build a compassionate, peaceful, and sustainable present and future?


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