Community Donorship Programme

Community Donorship Programme (CDP)

Doctoral Fellowship Initiative for Students from Poor Communities


Xavier Young Public Intellectual Doctoral Fellowship Programme

[PhD in Humanities (Compassion Studies)]

(I) This donorship programme is focused on creating (i) an innovative learning space, (ii) right and sustainable livelihood options promoting the Common Good, and (iii) a community of young public intellectuals who will work towards building a compassionate, peaceful and sustainable community/nation.

(II) Value of the Fellowship

Doctoral Programme fellowships (3 years) for

(a) 2019 – 2022: INR 500,000 (Approx: USD 7500)

(b) 2020 – 2023: INR 600,000 (Approx: USD 8500)

(III) Donorship: Two Pathways


(a) Sole Donor

A sole donor is one who has taken the responsibility to support a student for 3 years. S/he will be solely responsible for the financial commitment. S/he will have an agreement with the university.

(i) Individual Donor

An individual donor can make the payment annually in 3 installments. The payment must be made before the start of the academic year.

(ii) Organisational/Institutional Donor

A donor can be an institution or a foundation. An institutional donor is expected to pay in full before the start of the 3-year doctoral programme.

 (b) Anchor Donor

(i) The fellowship can be raised through a community of individual donors, sharing the commitment to raise an amount that is equal to, a multiple of, the fellowship amount to support one or more students. This will be coordinated in trust by an ‘anchor donor’, who is an individual person. The anchor donor will have an agreement with the university.

For example, if an anchor donor can find 3 persons (or more) to commit to a fellowship, then it would be INR 500,000 divided by 4 persons (including the anchor donor him/herself), which is INR 125, 000 per person. The anchor donor will make payment arrangement with his/her contributors as he sees fit. Contributors can also have the option to choose the year to pay i.e. pay up at the beginning of the programme or for the second or third year as per the internal agreement between the donors (coordinated by the anchor donor). All donors will be acknowledged as part of the community donorship programme supporting the doctoral education of poor students.

(ii) The ‘anchor donor’– ‘individual contributor’ arrangement can be done among friends, family or community members.  Meanwhile, an individual contributor can contact the Centre/University and register interest in supporting a PhD scholar until an anchor donor is found.

Present Status

1) For the period 2019 – 2022, the Centre has aimed at 3 fellows and raised 2 fellowships. We need support for one more fellowship.

2) For the period 2020 – 2023, the Centre will aim at raising 5 fellowships. We have raised 3 fellowships.  We need support for 2 fellowships.

An Appeal

We appeal to you to make a difference in the life of a young person (from poor communities). Please contact us for more information.



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